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Kai Murukku Machine in Tamilnadu

Kai murukku is a delicious crunchy rice flour-based snack made especially for Janmaashtami, the celebration of Shri Krishna's birth. The Kai Murukku or Suthu Murukku gets its name from the fact that it is shaped using the hand (The word kai means "hand."). It is also traditionally served for weddings as a return gift from the bride's family. The same flour dough can be used in a hand press to make murukku, which can then be pressed directly into hot oil or using a Kai Murukku Machine in Tamilnadu.

However, traditionally, Kai murukku is made by twisting and twirling using the fingers. It requires a lot of practice, but do not be discouraged if you can't do it on your first try. The same dough can be used to make murukkus with a hand press. But in these modern days no one has the time to sit for many hours to get the knack of twisting and twirling which is the main process in the making . To make it easier SAM brings you the Kai Murukku Machine in Tamilnadu.

The Premium Twister Machine a product of SAM has been specifically designed as a Kai Murukku Machine in Tamilnadu. Not only for Kai Murukku but it also servers the making of butter Murukku, kairu Murukku, and thirugu Murukku. The exclusive design is for the flawless design, for more accurate and precise kai Murukku. This machine of ours is a great boon to you with a capacity of 10 kg tank capacity. The production capacity of this Kai Murukku Machine in Tamilnadu is approximately 40-60kg per hour. It is carefully designed with a motorized twisting mechanism with efficient power consumption in accordance with industrial standards, using the most recent cutting-edge technology. It has an advanced design system which is corrosion resistant and an added benefit is that it has an alternate power source too. What are you waiting for? Get quote now for your making of Kai Murukku !