About Us

Low cost Murukku Machine in tamilnadu

Who We Are

SAM is the leading manufacturer of machinery in the food processing industry. The exemplar for the question “What can a commoner do?” is SAM (SRI ANDAL MULTIPRODUCT). At SAM we provide solutions and services for making Indian snacks like Murukku with the help of highly advanced machinery. We possess wide knowledge and grip over the end product of our machinery. One can find SAM’s product in every nook and corner of all food processing industries in the Indian states.

Ladder to  our success

The tenacity of the quality in our work and service carved the root for our success. Our greatest triumph lies within the comfort zone of our clients. The company’s paramount importance is the trust and loyalty to our customers. We are the trailblazers in the food processing industry and the benchmark for all food processing machinery. Our brand stature is acquired by our diligence.

Low cost Murukku Machine in tamilnadu