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Chakli Making Machine in Tamilnadu

Murukku / Chakli? Just hear someone say it you start feeling that you want to eat one. Obviously, it is people’s favourite Indian tea time snack. However, the traditional method of making Indian snacks such as Murukku and Chakli are no longer used but are replaced by Chakli Making Machine in Tamilnadu. Sri Andal Multiproduct (SAM) is the world's leading manufacturer of chakli-making machinery with extensive knowledge and control over the end product of the machinery. Our products can be found across every single corner of all food processing industries in the Indian states providing solutions and services using high tech machinery.

We offer the best solutions to the food processing industry by providing high-end multitasking Chakli Making Machine in Tamilnadu that alleviate the difficulty of traditional methods. A single machine concept for multiple Murukku designs. Using the modern technology, we recommend precision-controlled dough forming machines capable of producing multiple varieties of Chakli such as Jangiri Chakli, Spring Chakli, Olai Murukku, and so on. The perseverance of work and service quality chiselled the foundation for our company’s success. We are the pioneers in the chakli-making industry and the gold standard for all food processing machinery.

We have 4 types of Chakli Making Machine in Tamilnadu to suit your need which is carefully designed with the most advanced cutting-edge technology available in accordance with industry standards. The Premium machine is a dough forming machine that is unique and compact, with high efficiency and low maintenance which is designed specifically for small-scale industries. It is a semi-automatic performance- oriented machine that is technologically advanced and flawless. The Super premium is a modernistic machine with cutting-edge technology which is more durable and productive for medium-sized industries. The Premium Twister machine is specifically designed for Kai Murukku, Butter Chakli, Kairu Murukku, and Thirugu Murukku. The Advanced Premium machine is an extra comfortable high-end machine with previously unseen minimal power consumption with increased production capacity with more precise end product which is appropriate for large-scale industries. Our machineries in such a way that futuristic upgradation with new technology could be done.