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Automatic Murukku Machine in Tamilnadu

Now the whole world wants Automatic right to make things easy. Sri Andal Multiproduct (SAM) is the world's premier food processing machinery producer, having significant understanding of and control over the machinery's end product. Our goods may be found in each and every area of the Indian food processing industry. We offer high-tech machinery manufacturing solutions and services. Our vision is to take the food processing industrial sector to a higher level with our keen focus in developing an Automatic Murukku Machine in Tamilnadu.

Muruku/ Chakli is without any doubt the most popular Indian tea-time snack made of rice flour. Anyone would want to munch one just by hearing when someone utters the term Murukku. The process of making is a bit complex However, the traditional method of preparing Indian snacks like Murukku or Chakli is no longer practiced and has been replaced by Automatic Murukku Machine in Tamilnadu. The development of this machine has taken production to the next level since it saves a lot of time and there is a high precision in aspects of the shape and size of each Murukku which makes it look all the more attractive.

By supplying a high-end multifunctional Automatic Murukku machine in Tamilnadu, we provide the best solutions to the food processing sector, alleviating the difficulty of old methods. Multiple Murukku designs can be made with a same machine. They recommend precision-controlled dough forming equipment that can produce many varieties of Murukku, such as Jangiri Murukku, Kai Murukku, Spring Murukku, Olai Murukku, and a lot more using the latest technology. Our company's success was built on a foundation of hard labour and high-quality service. We are the food processing industry's pioneers and the gold standard for all food processing machinery. The intensity of our effort and service excellence built the foundation for our success. Our biggest achievement rests within our clients' comfort zones. The credibility and loyalty of our customers is of prime significance to us.